screenshot of the dart branding page

dart's new branding landing page

client: dart corporate communications

role: designer and developer

goal: to take the design and copy of a printed brand book and reflect that to a webpage that informs internal and external audiences about the new dart branding.


first grid triptych second grid triptych third grid triptych

girl scouts heart of michigan tabletop prism

client: gshom recruitment and membership

role: designer

goal: to design a large tabletop prism that displays the three ways people can be involved with girl scouts: as a girl member, a volunteer, or a donor.

3d printed calendar with astrology constellations

perpetual constellation calendar experiment

client: msu

role: designer

goal: to create a perpetual calendar that also teaches the person which constellation is visible in the night sky and its position on the celestial equator.

solo digital brand refresh

wip solo digital brand refresh

client: solo consumer products digital team

role: visual designer, ux

goal: to create a lively and cohesive brand and site that seamlessly ties all digital platforms that showcases the variety of products and eases steps to purchase products.

architecture daily web experiment

architecture daily web experiment

client: msu

role: designer

goal: to create an educational and interactive space geared to high school students so they can learn about architecture through multiple avenues.

this architecture daily project was also my first dive into interactive design! so it holds a special place in my heart